Assessment - Analysis - Accelerate

Assessment - Analysis - Accelerate

School administrators and boards are often expected to do more with less. Schools need data to improve, but they don’t have time or resources to assemble the data and use the data for analytics. Test'N'Score™ makes it simple for school management to ask refined questions, get actionable answers, and share their findings easily. Unlike static reporting tools, the reports provided by Test'N'Score™ allows any teacher in the school to track test performance over time by class, by division and by student.

Test'N'Score™ presents insightful quantitative information in easily understandable formats so school management, educators and planners can identify important trends and take action to meet academic objectives.

Test'N'Score™ assesses student's performance as they practice on the customized test and generates detailed performance reports to give you valuable insight about student's understanding of subject. With a click, you can view report, which includes data on chapter wise proficiency, learning gaps and solutions toward meeting objectives.

Effective teaching must be the object of analyses of observations and evaluations, which is the goal of Test'N'Score™ assessments using qualitative and quantitative data.

Test'N'Score™ data reveals patterns and opportunities for student’s growth. Test'N'Score™ enable students to improve their test scores along with demonstrated growth in their content knowledge or academic skills, as it makes imperative for a student to run through the entire text book concept in depth.