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"Test'N'Score™ e-test series aims at providing sufficient practice to the CBSE / ICSE students to face the examination with confidence and achieve sure success. The test papers are well framed, based on the syllabus of the CBSE / ICSE Boards.

Special Features:
The test can be taken 'n' number of times with different permutation and combination of topics, thus improving your score. The test is online, with special features of selecting 2 or more topics at a time, 20/30 questions with time variation of 1-5 minutes per question. The report generated after solving the test gives you a statistical data chapter wise of questions attempted with a percentage score. The explanation of the solution is perfect. Test'N'Score™ series has test papers in –

ICSE 10th Board: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography (Topo, Map Marking, Chapters), History, Civics, and English Grammar.

CBSE 10th Board: Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and English Grammar.

Test'N'Score™ will definitely bring help to every student taking CBSE / ICSE 10th Boards.



These are known as Smart Tests as the system checks answers for various Questions formats (MCQ, FIB, Numerical, Image based questions, Map Marking etc.)

Chapter-wise Worksheet written tests

Test’N’Score TM also helps the child with the Dynamic Answer key generated every time for every Question Paper generated for ready reference and mapping.

Unlimited SMART BOARD Paper Practice

Test’N’Score TM has SMART BOARD Paper Practice – Chapter-wise and Year-wise.  The student can appear Math and Science Board papers of Previous years

Mock Tests & Practice Worksheets designed by Experts

Test’N’Score TM will also guide Students and provide Subject-wise Prelim Mock Test Papers designed by subject experts along with Solutions for easy reference.

Assessment - Analysis - Accelerate


Test'N'Score™ assesses student, as per the learning objective set by school and board. The assessment is done at school and student can practice at comfort of their own home.

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Test'N'Score™ analyses student's performance and highlights area of improvement which helps students to achieve their goals.

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With Test'N'Score™'s online assessment platform and analysis, students are able to improve their performance and thus accelerating their learning objective which helps them to achieve their goals.

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